27 February 2009

Jalasoft Xian Network Manager Io SP2 has RTMed !

Jalasoft Xian Network Manager Io SP2, a partner add-on which extends OpsMgr monitoring capabilities to non-Windows environment such as Linux,UNIX, network devices and even VMWare Virtual Center has RTMed.

What's new in SP2 ?
There are several improvements in Xian Io SP2. The ones that have had the most impact on functionality and performance are detailed below.
Improved Communication between Xian Io and Management Servers.
The Xian Data Server no longer uses the SDK to send counters and events to the Root Management Server; it can now communicate with secondary Management Servers using the Xian Connector Module. This feature increases the monitoring capacity of Xian while at the same time improving stability.
Improved Management Packs
Xian’s ‘Smart Management Packs’ have been redesigned to take up less memory and cause less congestion allowing those resources to be used to enhance Xian’s monitoring capacity.
Multiple Xian Environments
To increase the number of devices you can monitor with Xian you can add an independent Xian installation to your OpsMgr Management Group. The amount of additional devices you can monitor with a second installation of Xian depends on hardware configuration, number of active rules and rule execution intervals among others. You can do this as many times as necessary.
Automatic Health Reset
When a rule sends an alert to Operations Manager, it remains open until a success event is sent to close the alert. What Automatic Health Reset does, is once the rule is removed and is no longer monitoring that node, it sends a success event so that remaining alerts in Operations Manager disappear.
Improved SNMP engine
In Xian Io SP1 the snmp counter could, on rare occasions send wrong counters. Through the use of a new and more robust SNMP module this is no longer possible.
Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities
The number of devices a single installation of Xian Io SP2 can monitor has been increased to approximately 1000.
More reports

To have more possibilities to analyze your performance counters Xian Io has now even more reports to help you. Every Management Pack comes with over 100 build in Reports!

Available Smart Management Packs
The Jalasoft Smart Management Packs provide the intelligence to organize, process, and analyze the information on monitored devices into the views, computer groups, and reporting capabilities of Ops Mgr 2007 using the Xian Connector for Ops Mgr 2007.
  • Cisco Switches
  • Cisco VPN Concentrators
  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco PIX/ASA
  • Cisco Wireless
  • HP Procurve Switches
  • F5 Big Ip
  • Linux Servers
  • Solaris Servers
  • IBM AIX Server
  • VMWare Virtual Center
  • Linux MySQL
  • Generic Network Device
  • Availability (ICMP only)
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