02 November 2009

Error Installing Service Level Dashboard 2.0 - Error while Adding Site Template

Sometimes when you tried to install Service Level Dashboard 2.0 (SLD) on your existing OpsMgr R2 infrastructure only to end up being frustrated of constant failing without anything hints. It couldn't help with the installer not leaving any log files for us to troubleshoot.

I have never had problems with the installation until today. Somehow I encountered installation error when I tried to install SLD v2.0 on my customer's POC environment today. I kept getting error when the installer tries to "Adding Site Template"

The bad part is, no installation log files were created that enables me to do detailed troubleshooting. Fine !

Finally found a way to do that, using command prompt type the following command to launch the installer to output the installation log

msiexec /i serviceleveldashboard_x64.msi /L*V install.log

Installation still fails but this time, I have an Install.log file to TROUBLESHOOT !!!

I scrolled down to the potential error and found this !

Action 16:16:59: ADDSITETEMPLATE. Adding Site Template...
MSI (s) (3C:F0) [16:16:59:113]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=ADDSITETEMPLATE,ActionType=1025,Source=BinaryData,Target=CAQuietExec,CustomActionData="C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN\STSADM.EXE" -o addtemplate -filename "C:\Program Files\Service Level Dashboard 2.0\SLD_SiteTemplate.stp" -title ServiceLevelDashboard)
MSI (s) (3C:D0) [16:16:59:118]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI69E8.tmp, Entrypoint: CAQuietExec
CAQuietExec: Access denied.

Looks like I have permission errors. (Don't we all do, duh ? lol) Though the account that I use is already a Domain Administrator somehow I did a workaround. I use the Run As Administrator option to execute the installer and the installation were successful and I am less stressful !

Error ID 33333: Data Access Layer rejected retry on SqlError

Got hit with this problem when I came in to look into the Operations console and suddenly no monitoring data collected ! Performance Data went blank ! Reports blank !

Push the Panic Button >-> Not Yet :)

As usual, the good old trusted Event Viewer will surely gives you something to look into if you bumped into problems with OpsMgr. Fair enough, I got hit by a series of the following error

Apparently it's my bad after all. I forgot to turn on agent proxying for this servers since they are DC's & Exchange Servers.

Thanks to an entry from the product team, it helped me solved my problem.


Basically, we need to turn on agent proxying for each of the DCs & Exchange Servers. To be safe, restart the Health Service ( aka System Center Management) on the agents. So far, my Event Viewer looks good and fingers crossed, hope that my monitoring data flows in as well ... gulp

(Oh yea, just checked a minute ago, they came in ... hurray ! I just love OpsMgr)