16 August 2010

Service Manager Authoring Console 2010 is Released

The long awaited release of Service Manager Authoring Console has been released. With authoring console, we can now easily create & customize forms and workflows in Service Manager.

Download link is provided below.


05 August 2010

Remote Configuration Manager Console cannot view advertisements

When you install Configuration Manager console on a remote machine, you will not be able to view the advertisements from the console.

Thanks to the following article which enlightened me on what I should do to rectify this issue.

Apparently, a file AdminConsole.xml which defines the viewing rules for the SCCM console has an incorrect query to retrieve the Advertisements.

Incorrect Query :
SELECT * FROM SMS_AdvertisementInfo WHERE NOT (AssignmentID = NULL) ORDER BY AdvertisementName

Correct Query :
SELECT * FROM SMS_AdvertisementInfo WHERE NOT (AssignmentID IS NULL) ORDER BY AdvertisementName

Now instead of installing the hotfix, I did it in a much faster way since it's just modifying the xml file.

  • Open the XML folder location eg:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\XmlStorage\ConsoleRoot

  • Edit the AdminConsole.xml file (by opening it via NotePad)
  • Search for the Incorrect Query (as mentioned above)
  • Replace it with the Correct Query (as mentioned above too)
  • Save the XML file
  • Restart your console
Voila' ... the advertisement is being listed now.

02 August 2010

Root Management Server unavailable

This is more of a nooby posts, nevertheless I would still try to share it out to starters who have encountered this issue in their environment.

Got hit with this problem recently where out of sudden my RMS went unavailable and before you know it I got this alert .

A quick check on my Event Viewer shows that I got tons of Event 2115 .

After a quick check on things, I noticed that something is amiss and it proved to be caused by my OpsMgr DB settings. Apparently by default, my OperationsManager DB has a file growth restriction and it seems that my DB hit the limit and thus no new monitoring data could be inserted into the Database.

Just go over and set the File Size to unrestricted growth and that did the trick.