29 December 2010

Opalis Active Directory Integration Pack cannot work in Windows Server 2008 R2?

If you all are planning to deploy have Active Directory related policies to be executed on Opalis running on Windows 2008 R2 server, chances are; you will be dissapointed because the Integration Pack that ships with it only supports 32 bit OS.

We all know that Windows Server 2008 R2 runs on 64 bit and this MS Active Directory v2 Integration Pack would not run.

Nevertheless, there is a similar Active Directory Integration Pack available in CodePlex authored by randofer.

It should work.


28 December 2010

Unable to access SCOM Web Console

If you install your Web Console on a server which is not an RMS, chances are you might get hit with this issue.

When you try to access the Web Console, you will be asked to enter your credentials even though you have configured your Web Console IIS settings access as Integrated Windows Authentication.

You will notice after entering your credentials 3 times, your web  browser will show

“You do not have have permission to view this directory or page”

To resolve this:

- Launch the Active Directory Users And Computers MMC Snap-In

- Open the Computer Object for the Web Console server,

- Click on the Delegation tab

Check the “Trust this computer for delegation to any service (Kerberos only)”


Try to access your web browse and it should work now

17 December 2010

Introducing System Center AVICode


It has finally arrived! Ladies and Gentleman … it is official. AVICode is now the latest addition in the System Center solution suite.

AVICode has been a leading application monitoring system that enables you to monitor your application up to code level … yes you read it correct … CODE LEVEL … will now be made available under the System Center Management Suite.

In the next couple of weeks, I will share my experience on the latest AVICode which runs on version 5.7 on how it monitors .NET application.

AVICode also provides a Management Pack that can pump the monitoring data to be viewed by System Center Operations Manager console thus giving you a total end-to-end application monitoring covering both the infrastructure as well as the development end!

Stay Tuned !!!

05 December 2010

Troubleshooting Certificates Errors when you install Cross Platform Agents in SCOM

Objective:Install Cross Platform agent to a Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server v5.4

Issue Faced: When you are about the install your agent into the Linux server … and you get hit with a failed installation with the following error.

The SSL certificate contains a common name (CN) that does not match the hostname.



Potential Cause: There are many reasons for such an error. But we can pretty much be sure that this revolves around hostname for the Linux server.


Troubleshoot the Issue:

From the Linux server, launch your terminal console and type the following

openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/opt/microsoft/scx/ssl/scx.pem -subject -issuer –dates


Now you can clearly see that the problem here is that the CN is webproxy.contoso.com

(A bit of history, I have previously used this Linux server in another environment and have installed Cross Platform in it but since then I have changed the FQDN for the server)



To resolve this, we will need to change the Subject Name in the certificate to RHEL.SystemCenter.local

To do this, execute the following command

/opt/microsoft/scx/bin/tools/scxsslconfig -f –v

(This will change the host name and re-create the certificate and private key)


Re run the query of the certificate CN


Let’s retry the re-installation of the agent.


Voila ! Worked like a charm

03 December 2010

Opalis Integration Pack for SharePoint

This Integration Pack which was released a couple of back provides the integration with SharePoint that you manipulate SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

For more information, have a look at: