31 January 2010

OpsMgr SMS Notification with SysMan Integration - Part 2

In my earlier post, I have shared on how to configure networking settings into our Serial-over-IP device. In this post, I will share on how to map your device into a Serial Port (COM) within your OpsMgr server.

The first thing that we need to is to install the NPort Administration Suite into your OpsMgr server. Once that is complete; you can easily launch the NPort Administrator console

From the OpsMgr server, go to Start -> All Programs -> NPort Administration Suite -> NPort Administrator to launch the administration console.

In the NPort Administrator console, click NPort -> Configuration node and click Search IP

In the Add NPort popup, enter the IP Address of your NPort device which you have configured earlier and click OK

The device will now be listed in the NPort Administrator console

Double click on the device if you want to configure the device

Click on NPort -> COM Mapping on the Function pane and select Configure to configure mapping of your OpsMgr server Serial Port to the device

In the COM Port Settings window, select a valid COM port that you wish to map the device and click OK to proceed

Now we have the device being mapped to a Serial Port (COM) in your OpsMgr server; you can easily verify the configuration by running AT commands to access the GSM device that is connected to the Serial-Over-IP device.

In my next posting, I will share on how we can use SysMan SMS notification gateway to integrate with OpsMgr to send out SMS notification to administrators.

OpsMgr SMS Notification with SysMan Integration - Part 1

Wanted to share with you folks out there on how OpsMgr can integrate with SysMan to send out SMS notification to your administrators the moment an alert is triggered in OpsMgr.

As shown in the diagram on the left, we have our OpsMgr server running within as a virtual machine
( which unfortunately is not Hyper-V).

Our OpsMgr server is then connected to a Serial-over-IP device which will then be directly connected to a GSM Modem device which in turn will send SMS notifications to OpsMgr administrators.

To get things started; we need to set an IP address into the Serial-Over-IP device.
(By default, the IP address for the device is

You can telnet into the device to set the IP address for the device.

From the Main Menu; type 2 to enter Network Settings Module of the device

From the Main Menu -> Network Settings Module; type 1 for you to be able to enter the IP Address for the device

Enter your IP Address from the next prompt and press ENTER to set the IP Address into the device.

Press any key to continue

You can easily configure other settings such as Gateway, DNS Server etc. from the Main Menu -> Network Settings module. Once your are done, type m to go back to the Main Menu

Back in the Main Menu, enter s to Save the settings and Restart the device.

On the following prompt that ask for your confirmation to Restart the device, enter Y to confirm.

In this Part 1 posting, I basically shared with you on overall architecture of the integration with SysMan from OpsMgr and how do you configure the Serial-Over-IP to set networking configuration into the device.

In the next posting, I shall share how we can configure Serial Port mapping within OpsMgr server to the device.