12 February 2009

huh, my HyperV images can't be imported ! wtf !!!

Like most other posts, this is a reminder as well as some form of sharing with folks out there with regards to HyperV images.

I have a few HyperV images which I exported from my Server. Copied them to my notebook and starts importing them and it failed. All 3 of em' !!! My import failed with the following error

"Failed to import the virtual machine from import directory 'E:\VM\OpsMgr\'. Error: One" or more arguments are invalid(0x80070057) "

Good old friend Google came to the rescue and after a few searches, managed to find a solution from this blog entry in http://blogs.msdn.com/rextang/archive/2008/11/27/9146157.aspx (Clap clap)

The trick here is to 'tweak' the .EXP file inside the VM folder.

  • Open the .exp file with notepad (the file should be in the Virtual Machine folder).
  • The .exp file is actually an xml file so for those who are familiar with xml, this should be peanuts.
  • Search for "Msvm_VirtualSystemGlobalSettingData" and you will be able to see the following :
    ScopeOfResidence" TYPE="string">


  • Delete the entire VALUE tag ... and save your file. (Yes from to )
  • Import the VM again. Voi'la ! the import succeeds !
Pssst .... remember to backup your exp file before you do that and save the backup copy on another location which is not inside the Virtual Machine folder else you will have another error.