27 April 2008

ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 RC is out

For those who doesn't know about this, Release Candidate ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 is out.
Notable thing to play with ... Out Of Band Management of course. If only I can find the machines that has VPro support ...

Important Note:
The previous Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Beta is not supported with this RC release of SP1. This means you cannot install R2 Beta on an SP1 RC site, and if you upgrade an SP1 Beta site with R2 Beta to SP1 RC, all R2 functionality will be lost as well. An updated R2 build compatible with the updated Service Pack 1 will be released later. So just hang in there !
As usual, realm of ConfigMgr 2007 has been extremely exciting off late. With Out Of Band Management (OOBM) and recently release Windows 2008 I can start planning to test both OOBM and NAP on my lab ...

OpgMgr2007: Audit Collection Service does not start due to file permission denial

I have encountered this one for quite some time. It was back in November 2007 when I was preparing my lab on OpsMgr. My apologies for taking 5 months to share this out, but better late than never rite ?
When you install Audit Collection Services (ACS), the ACS service will not be able to start. The error that you will get:
Could not start the Operations Manager Audit Collection Service service on Local Computer.
To be honest, me being a temperamental person I went ballistic as this was my first time I played with ACS and I can't even start the service ! A quick search on good buddy Mr Google got me to a few forums where people faces similar problems as well

The ACSConfig.xml which resides in
%systemroot%\System32\Security\AdtServer folder has the attributes of ReadOnly and since the ACS Service (in particular AdtServer.exe) cannot write on to this file hence the failure to start the service.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out right? Go to the folder where ACSConfig.xml file resides in (in case you missed it, kindly see the line in BOLD) and clear the ReadOnly attribute of that file and voila' ! ( Well at least it worked for me ... 5 months ago. hehe)
Microsoft Support site has this documented as well. Kindly see for details:
And how normal Malaysians say goodbye... Ta Ta .....

Introduction to my System Center Blog

After a lapse of 2 years plus, I finally return to blogging. I will dedicate my LiveSpace as the site where I will share my experience on Microsoft System Center with everyone who would be kind to drop by and have a look at my site. Relatively a newbie in Microsoft System Center realm, I admit that I have much more to learn but rest assured that whatever I have learn and deemed valueable, I will post them on this site. I will try to keep this site regularly updated as I can.
At the moment, my postings will be technical oriented (duh!) and at times I might share out my development experiences whilst developing add-ons to System Center (that's if that doesn't fall under NDA clause :P).

A note to my friends and all those who wish to see my personal rumblings as well, my personal blog to http://theankeong.blogspot.com/. It's been awhile since I updated that as well.

Signing Off