06 February 2009

Remove ancient VM Additions

I have a couple of Windows 2003 SP2 sysprep VMs created from Virtual PC 2004 SP1. ( Yes, I know those are ancient vhds) ... and plans to move these into Hyper V.

So VM migration 101, remove the VMAdditions but wait a minute those VMAdditions are so ancient ... and I only have Virtual Server 2005 SP1 ! Looks like I need to do it the hard way !

- Downloaded VPC 2004 SP1.
- Extract the VM Additions.msi
- Get the VMAdditions.iso file
- Load my VMs on Virtual Server, and load the VMAdditions which was extracted earlier. Remove VM Additions.

Just in case that if you want to skip the steps, I have uploaded the VMAdditions.iso in my skydrive. You can download this and have a much easier experience. :D