18 February 2009

How do I know whether my Active Directory Connector successfully sync data ?

One of the key configuration activity that you need to do when you setup Service Manager Beta 1 is to import objects from Active Directory into Service Manager. This can be achieved via the Active Directory connector which will act as the synchronization engine between both components.

However regardless whether it's is successfully synchronized or not, you will always get a successful sync message.

But then, my objects is still not synchronized? So what is the problem ? How do I know whether it is an error or synchronization is still running ?

To have a detailed view on what happened and whether the synchronization is successful, go over to Event Viewer and open the Operations Manager log.
(Yes, Service Manager uses the same framework/engine model as Operations Manager R2)

Find events where the Event Source is "Lfx Service" and if there is an error you will be able to see something like this:

By now, you should be able to see what is the details of the error for the synchronization process.