21 November 2010

What else do I need to do to protect my SharePoint 2010 Server

I got hit with this problem when I was trying to create a Protection Group in DPM to protect our SharePoint 2010 server in our R&D lab. I have already did the necessary pre-requisites on the SharePoint server such as:

  • ConfigureSharepoint.exe –enableSharepointProtection
  • ConfigureSharepoint.exe EnableSPSearchProtection

However I still got hit with the error of not meeting the pre-requisites when I tried to create a new protection group for SharePoint

I went over to the SharePoint Server and noticed that DPM agent could not find the registry key that denotes the SharePoint version:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Share Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\Version

I immediately go to the Regedit and yes indeed that the registry key value is not there. I manually added a new String Value and named it as Version and give the value as

Go back to DPM console and Voila ! it works !!!