23 November 2010

Installing Opalis Part 3 – Upgrading to Opalis 6.3

Let’s get straight into action shall we …

  • Extract the Installation resource for Opalis 6.3
  • Open the Management Server installation folder. By default, this is located in C:\Program Files\Opalis Software\Opalis Integration Server\Management Service. Browse to the Components\Objects folder.
  • Copy the OpalisIntegrationServer_FoundationObjects.msi file provided in this release to the System Drive:\Program Files (x86)\Opalis Software\Opalis Integration Server\Management Service\Components\Objects directory. Replace the existing file.
  • Uninstall the existing Foundation Objects via Add/Remove Programs
  • Reinstall the Foundation Objects from the newly copied source.
  • Run the OpalisIntegrationServer_ManagementService_630_PATCH.msp installer. Do not change any of the default values.

Now let’s deploy the Action Servers in our Opalis server

  • Click Run, click Programs, click Opalis Software, click Opalis Integration Server, and then click Deployment Manager.


  • In the Deployment Manager console, Right Click at Action Server and select Deploy New Action Server


  • In the Service Information screen, enter the name of your Action Server and enter a user which will be the action account.
  • image

  • Proceed throughout the entire wizard setup by accepting the default values to kickstart the deployment


  • After you deploy the clients from the Deployment Manager, copy the OpalisIntegrationServer_Client_630_PATCH.msp file included in this release to each client