16 May 2009

Updates not deployed ... even after 1 hr !!!!!

Was building a lab image for my training class next week and somehow things was not as smooth as I would fancy. :(

It was supposed to be a simple Software Update deployment lab which I am preparing and what seemed to be a very routine step (yes, did this hundreds of times and it works all the time) but somehow my client machines is still not getting the software update after 1 hour ! ( triggered countlessly on the Machine Policy and Software Update Deployment Cycle actions)

Well, I took a look at the client's updatesdeployment.log and noticed that the advertisement is not activated yet ! Chaos mode !

Then took a look at the Deployment Management for the update, and noticed that my Time/Settings is set to UTC which is by default.

So the lesson learned here is, unless you are great with mathematics calculations of timezone/date, better stick with the Client Local Time options !