24 May 2008

Reinstall OpsMgr SP1 Reporting Server - Part II

This post is actually an extension of what I want to share on my previous posting on Reinstall OpsMgr SP1 Reporting Server. The scenario which I am going to share on this post is to reinstall OpsMgr SP1 Reporting Server WITHOUT reinstalling SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The steps are pretty similar with what I have shared in my earlier post but there are few steps needs to be done before we can reinstall OpsMgr SP1 Reporting Server.
  1. Open OpsMgr Console, export Default Management Pack
  2. Edit the exported xml file to remove reference to Microsoft.Datawarehouse.Internal and also any Overrides as well
  3. Remove the Default Management Pack
  4. Remove the Microsoft.Datawarehouse.Internal MP and also Microsoft ODR MP
  5. Re-import the Default Management Pack from the xml file that you have edited earlier
  6. Remove Reporting Server via Add/Remove Programs
  7. Run ResetSRS tool (this tool is available in your Installation CD\Support Tools) to reset
    • Run it via Command Prompt: ResetSRS
  8. Reconfigure SSRS by going to Reporting Services Configuration Tool. Click on Web Service Identity (which should yield an error symbol) and Click Apply.
  9. Reinstall OpsMgr SP1 Reporting Server
  10. Add OpsMgr SDK account as a member of Windows Authorization Access Group.
  11. Wait for a while ( 20 minutes ) and the reports will start to list one by one