27 April 2008

Introduction to my System Center Blog

After a lapse of 2 years plus, I finally return to blogging. I will dedicate my LiveSpace as the site where I will share my experience on Microsoft System Center with everyone who would be kind to drop by and have a look at my site. Relatively a newbie in Microsoft System Center realm, I admit that I have much more to learn but rest assured that whatever I have learn and deemed valueable, I will post them on this site. I will try to keep this site regularly updated as I can.
At the moment, my postings will be technical oriented (duh!) and at times I might share out my development experiences whilst developing add-ons to System Center (that's if that doesn't fall under NDA clause :P).

A note to my friends and all those who wish to see my personal rumblings as well, my personal blog to http://theankeong.blogspot.com/. It's been awhile since I updated that as well.

Signing Off