27 April 2008

ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 RC is out

For those who doesn't know about this, Release Candidate ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 is out.
Notable thing to play with ... Out Of Band Management of course. If only I can find the machines that has VPro support ...

Important Note:
The previous Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Beta is not supported with this RC release of SP1. This means you cannot install R2 Beta on an SP1 RC site, and if you upgrade an SP1 Beta site with R2 Beta to SP1 RC, all R2 functionality will be lost as well. An updated R2 build compatible with the updated Service Pack 1 will be released later. So just hang in there !
As usual, realm of ConfigMgr 2007 has been extremely exciting off late. With Out Of Band Management (OOBM) and recently release Windows 2008 I can start planning to test both OOBM and NAP on my lab ...