05 August 2010

Remote Configuration Manager Console cannot view advertisements

When you install Configuration Manager console on a remote machine, you will not be able to view the advertisements from the console.

Thanks to the following article which enlightened me on what I should do to rectify this issue.

Apparently, a file AdminConsole.xml which defines the viewing rules for the SCCM console has an incorrect query to retrieve the Advertisements.

Incorrect Query :
SELECT * FROM SMS_AdvertisementInfo WHERE NOT (AssignmentID = NULL) ORDER BY AdvertisementName

Correct Query :
SELECT * FROM SMS_AdvertisementInfo WHERE NOT (AssignmentID IS NULL) ORDER BY AdvertisementName

Now instead of installing the hotfix, I did it in a much faster way since it's just modifying the xml file.

  • Open the XML folder location eg:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\XmlStorage\ConsoleRoot

  • Edit the AdminConsole.xml file (by opening it via NotePad)
  • Search for the Incorrect Query (as mentioned above)
  • Replace it with the Correct Query (as mentioned above too)
  • Save the XML file
  • Restart your console
Voila' ... the advertisement is being listed now.