27 September 2009

Managing Applications with Service Maps in Service Manager 2010

This TechNet webcast demonstrate how Service Manager 2010 can integrate with Operations Manager 2007 R2 to import Service Maps such as your Messaging Application, Directory Services, Web Portal application and more ... into Service Manager and lets you extend information like Service Owner, Users who uses the service/application, incidents & change requests for the service and more.

This lets you as the IT Service Manager to be able to view the CI relationship of the infrastructure that supports the service and at the same time lets you assess the business impact shall the IT service fails and also helps you perform activities like root cause analysis and more ... in summary, Service Maps lets you have a visualization on your IT Services and able to quickly assess the business impact of the service so that you will be able to perform quick remediation activities to bring back the service up ASAP.

Enough talk ... enjoy ....