01 November 2008

SNMP Simulator that you can use to Demo monitoring of network devices. using OpsMgr2007

One of the biggest challenge for us to demo performance monitoring of network devices to our clients would be the fact that we do not have a network device available during the demo session.

Jalasoft which offers the ability to extend OpsMgr capabilities in monitoring of network devices through it's Xian IO Network Manager has come out with a FREE SNMP simulation tool called Jalasoft SNMP Device Simulator v2.6. It has a user friendly user interface and allows you to simulate
  • Cisco Switches
  • Cisco Router
  • Cisco Firewalls
  • Cisco VPN Concentrators
  • Cisco Wireless devices
  • 3Com Switches
  • HP Procurve Switches
  • F5 BigIp
  • Nortel

For more information and where to download this free tool, go to this link: